Glass Fusing and Slumping

This process is used to make relatively flat forms by fusing pieces of glass together at high temperatures in a kiln. These can then be fiired again by slumping into a mould to take varied shapes. My fusing and slumping experiments have produced platters, bowls, trinket holders and other decorative pieces. I also undertake commissions based on client requirement.

Pâte De Verre

Pâte De Verre uses finely powdered glass or frit which is packed into a refractory mould. This is then fired in a kiln to make pieces which have a unique texture.


Casting in glass

Casting in glass or Kiln casting is a technique where three dimensional pieces can be made by allowing hot or molten glass to flow into a mould to take its shape. Unlike blown glass, casting takes place in a kiln. So the setting up the mould is the key to achieving desired result.



Coldworking is a step in making the final glass piece. It uses various tools and machines at room temperature to shape the piece of glass into the desired form.

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