About Me

An Architect by profession, I fell in love with Glass in London. Having trained under glass artists Brett Manley, Angela Thwaites, Max Jacquard and Gaby Kienle, in varied techniques of Glass making, I have come back to my roots in India to set up my own glass studio.

My pieces exploit the fundamental property of glass to reflect and reveal what was formed in a moment of time. They are experiments in light, colour, material, texture and techniques.  

Mo Ghrá Glass was conceptualised somewhere in the pages of my Dublin diary. A few years later, in a completely different geographical location, I am striving to make those dreams a reality. A believer in preserving our planet, I aim to work with the humble recycled glass to lift it from the skip into our homes.



Training and Experience

  • Bachelors Degree in Architecture from Kerala University, India 2003
  • Kiln Formed Glass- Fusing and Slumping with Brett Manley at The Art Academy London 2008- 2009
  • Architect at Mistry Architects in Bangalore, India 2003- 2006
  • Pâte De Verre Masterclass with Angela Thwaites at RACC London 2010
  • Freelance Design work in Bangalore and Kochi, India 2006- 2007
  • Casting in Glass Masterclass with Max Jacquard at RACC London 2010
  • Construction of a fire stabilised mud-brick dome in Auroville in India, with a team of Architects 2007
  • Jewellery making workshop at Yellow Brick Road, Dublin, Ireland 2012
  • Edexcel Level 2 BTEC Diploma in Art and design (Glass) with Gaby Kienle Thompson at WAES London 2008- 2009
  • Framing workshop at Irish School of Picture Framing, Dublin, Ireland 2016
  • Kiln Formed Glass ‘From Alchemy to Understanding’ with Brett Manley at the Art Academy London 2008



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